Analysis of the 14-cm0998nf – AMD A4-9125 from HP.

As a preamble to this test

Experienced users do not have the same needs as beginners. You are looking for a laptop and you hesitate between several models.Your computer will not be limited to technical specifications, so we have built a test plan according to the use you will make of it.From basic use (the Web, and e-mail) to online gaming with powerful machines.
This article will help you make the right choice according to your needs.

14-cm0998nf enough for internet use?

This laptop is equipped with a touch screen; always interesting for when you get tired of the slippery mouse pad or when no flat surface is available when you have this 14-cm0998nf on your lap. The overall design is of quality and is made to last. A product made to last a long time. Solid visible parts (the hull, the keyboard,…) and almost last generation internal components have been chosen by HP with a lot of care.

Is 14-cm0998nf one for watching movies and listening to music ?

As far as sound is concerned, the card equipment and speakers have been integrated into this 14-cm0998nf. We tested it with movies and music at maximum volume. Despite good quality, you won’t get the same sound level as with a decent set of external speakers. In other words, if you are demanding on the sound part, you will have to add external speakers.
On the application side, HP chose to let you do it. There’s only the operating system. As a standard, you have some Windows 10 on which it will be possible to add all the software you need. For multimedia, you can possibly take VLC .
Equipped with the AMD Radeon R3 graphic card, and with 4 Gb of RAM, you will be able to see your movies and even do photo editing if needed. Not good enough for 3D imaging professionals, but good enough for most of us.

The 14-cm0998nf- the right model to stay connected while travelling ?

Note that the screen of this 14-cm0998nf being touch screen, you will be able to do without the mouse. A few finger pinches to zoom in, side slides to test the comfort of use. It’s up to you to make accurate navigational selections.
This model unfortunately does not have bluetooth; a shame when it comes to exchanging photos with your loved ones on holiday, or sharing an internet connection.

14-cm0998nf the right choice for audio or video editing ?

Concerning the solutions of the usb ports, HP made the choice of economy by not installing a usb 3. It implies more time when you decide to transfer your files to an external drive.

14-cm0998nf for office automation ?

If you’re already a Linux or Apple user, your choice will probably head for this laptop. It is equipped with Windows 10.
It’s not 14-cm0998nf equipped with all the applications you’ll need. No applications pre-installed, one would expect more from. HP in this product line. No numeric keypad comes standard on this model. In fact, if you want one, it will be necessary to buy a pad connected via the usb port.

Finally, the 14-cm0998nf….

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