Analysis of the FX570DD-DM036T – AMD Ryzen 5 3500U from Asus.

In presentation

Latest release in the range Asus, we’ve been running tests onFX570DD-DM036T…Price and type of technology alone do not justify the choice of a model.We have oriented our test according to criteria such as use for travel, office automation, internet browsing, games or multimedia.
So you’ll know what it’s worth at the end of this article.

FX570DD-DM036T adapted to surf the internet?

No touch screen available on this model. It’s a shame because, when you get this FX570DD-DM036T on your lap, you’ll see that it’s not so easy to move the cursor with the touchpad.
Nevertheless, the trackpad is intuitive and simple to use. After all Asus, has accustomed us to design quality products, just like this model, which will serve you for a long time to come.

Is FX570DD-DM036T okay to watch videos ?

Like the majority of the laptops screen on the market, this model is equipped with the glossy finish.  FX570DD-DM036T will be ideal for movies, photos and games in a dark or half light environment because you will have the means to control light intensity. Also note that potentially this screen will be more stressful to the eyes, after 2-3 hours of use in a row.
For the sound part, the FX570DD-DM036T is equipped with a correct sound card and speakers. By pushing the volume with music, we tested the rendering. Despite good quality, you won’t get the same sound level as with a decent set of external speakers. In short, it is relevant here to consider buying additional speakers if you are very sensitive to the quality of this function.
As far as applications are concerned, did Asus not install any. There’s only the operating system. This is a Windows 10 that allows you to add the free or paid software you want. For multimedia, you can possibly take VLC .
Equipped with the Nvidia GTX1050 graphic card, and with 16 Gb of RAM, you will be able to see your movies and even do photo editing if needed. This will obviously be a bit light if you want to do 3D imaging, but will suit your needs.

Is FX570DD-DM036T planned for travelling ?

If you prefer the touch screen mode, you will be disappointed by this FX570DD-DM036T. If you’re only doing it with the mouse, don’t forget it in the satchel. The alternative could be the keyboard trackpad.
The glossy slab offers better viewing comfort than the previous model. Its screen displays good image definition and beautiful colours. On the other hand, this shiny slab can be a nuisance in brightly lit areas.
With the bluetooth functionality of this model you can also simply connect with your loved ones’ devices.

The FX570DD-DM036T to make audio or video editing. 

On the connection side, the FX570DD-DM036Ti s equipped with USB 3 technology. This model will allow you to connect to an external storage drive for even more space when your local disk is full. This standard allows transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbit per second, about ten times faster than USB 2.0.

FX570DD-DM036T the right choice for office automation ?

If you’re already a Linux or Apple user, your choice will probably head for this laptop. In this case, it is Windows 10.
This laptop is mainly for office use and will require some work on your side of things. No applications pre-installed, one would expect more from. Asus in this product line. This computer was really designed for office use. On the right-hand side you will find a number pad.

Finally, the FX570DD-DM036T….